The first meeting was held in 2018 in Isfahan Province

The first meeting was held in 2018 in Isfahan Province
Director General of Cooperatives, Work and Social Welfare At this meeting, referring to the importance of holding more magnificent weekly workers' work, said: "The festival will be happy with the experts of the 2018th year, with the focus on supporting Iranian people, in order to enhance vitality and hope in the working community."
Mohsen Nirmand added: "This year, there are new programs on the agenda of the Committee on Labor and Entrepreneurship, including the meeting of the workers' community and the headquarters of the commemoration of the weekly worker with the mayor and Members of the city council and provincial council representatives.
He also emphasized the need to plan for the widespread presence of workers and their families in weekly work plans.
Stronger also said that during the current year's festival, from sample workers, sample groups, sample groups, Quran voters, health officials, pine design experts, poetry and worker photographers, elected directors of Iranian products attended by provincial officials, Labor and employer organizations and other social partners will be honored.
In the course of the meeting, other members expressed their views on organizing the most magnificent weekly work programs.
Apr 19, 2018 08:57


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