21% reduction in the number of accidents caused by work in Isfahan province in 97 compared with 96

Statistical details of work-related accidents in Isfahan,
21% reduction in the number of accidents caused by work in Isfahan province in 97 compared with 96
The director general of co-operation, work and social welfare of Isfahan province reported a 21% reduction in work-related accidents in the year 97 in Isfahan province compared with 96 years.


Engineer Mohsen Nirmandeh explained that in 1996 the number of work-related accidents was 1,673. According to the statistics, the total number of accidents occurred in 1997, 1314, accounting for 96% of the accidents as males and 4% of women. .

He reported deaths due to work-related accidents: in 1997, the number of deaths from work-related accidents was 55, which dropped by 35% compared to 84 in the year 96.

Strong added that the number of accidents leading to fractures has dropped from 55 to 48, and incident-related amputation has dropped from 155 to 113, respectively.

The official said with emphasis on the importance of increasing safety in the industry, manufacturing and construction sectors: the industrial and manufacturing sector with the largest number of accidents in 1996, with 662 accidents, of which 17 had died, and in the construction sector There were also 286 accidents, of which 16 had been killed.

Strong continued: in the activities and public services section of 190 cases and in other areas, 176 incidents have been recorded, of which 12 cases in the public sector and 12 services in the mining sector, 3 in the mining sector, 3 in the agricultural sector, in the provision of water And electricity 1 case and 3 cases in other activities have led to death.

In his review of the causes and effects of work accidents in the year of 1997, he stated: More than 72% of the causes of accidents were due to lack of supervision, lack of training and unsafe conditions of the workshop, which fail to reach the employer and less than 28% due to the unsafe behavior of workers And the lack of personal protective equipment.

 The strong wear and tear of equipment and machinery in many industries, unsafe workshops and lack of effective oversight are common causes of work-related accidents and added: Workers to benefit from damages paid by insurance companies in accidents caused by Work usually does not protect themselves effectively, and this causes the causes of the incidents to be more noticeable to the employers.

Strong implementation of the contract for the safety of contractors and the requirement for contractors to qualify for safety, the implementation of their own inspection model and the establishment of safety responsibility at workshops, the quality of inspections carried out by labor inspectors and the provision of safety training to workers and employers and contractors in The provincial level has been highlighted by the Directorate's effective and pivotal programs to reduce work-related accidents.


May 12, 2019 13:59
Public Relations Department of the General Directorate of Cooperative Social Affairs of Isfahan Province |


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